Welcome to Lieu Utile


Cooperation                               Benevolence                 Eco-consious


         Tolerance                  Multiple cultures and languages

                           Confidence               Innovation              Games                                                        Permaculture  

Our school is situated in a beautiful area between the rivers Sevre  and Loire where the children can acquire fundamental skills that will prepare them for independence in a friendly and respectful environment. The educational project is based on the following principles:


1.    Facilitate the cooperation between children by creating a prepared environment where the children are in the heart of the learning process and learn how to interact with each other rather then competing with each other.


2.    Allow the children to take responsibility from a very early age by creating a setting where children can express themselves, create, share and explore, thus getting to know themselves and their interests.


3.    Respect the child's personality and development giving her/him the freedom to choose her/his work independently and explore at her/his own pace.

Welcome different cultures and backgrounds. Promote and facilitate linguistic diversity and multilingualism.

Cultural diversity has been declared "as necessary for humankind as biodiversity is for nature" by UNESCO.


4.    Offer the right balance between intellectual and manual work allowing the children to use their knowledge and experiment through agro-ecology, use of natural resources and a good understanding of energy and material resources economy.