School open to all

Innovative teaching

Kindness, cooperation, active listening, philosophy, conflict solving techniques, mutual aid in multiage classroom are the main aspects of our teaching style. Daily play-based activities.


Peace workshop

Sensory development: music, dance, songs, theater, sensory explorations, painting.

Self awareness: expressing emotions, learning how to learn with neuroscience, multiple skills development


Supporting workshops

Garden: develop a daily connection to the land and the outdoor areas: permaculture, science, beekeeping, composting ...

The Workshop: handling  materials: cardboard, wood, soil .... Reusing small objects or games (recycling centre), making birdhouses and wooden cabins ...

The kitchen: preparing balanced meals with seasonal and local products, sprouted grains, vegetables


School open to all

Open up to the world and understand it better: Learning languages and cultures (Chinese, Arabic ...),

Monthly outings (museums, companies, laboratories, eco-sites, public institutions ...), history of civilisations ...

Co-development: education with no borders, our school being a part of a global network.


School for parents

We offer parents the opportunity to participate in school life but above all the opportunity to develop their parenting skills by offering practical workshops: nonviolent communication, family democracy, positive education ...


For more information on lectures, films, conferences that we find interesting see the "News" page.