Extraordinary garden

                                              0utside I can scream!                                      

I learn how to manage my emotions.

I can soil my clothes.        

I can jump in my muddy puddles.

I listen, I climb, I observe.

I learn to get to know the nature around.

I pick up leaves, sticks, pebbles. 

 Being outside makes children stronger, free and more curious.


When we were kids we were able to transform anything into a boat, a garden hut, or a raft and sail it the middle of a stream, that did not always make our parents exactly happy but...

We used to breed snails, caterpillars, stick insects, chickens.

We caught lizards by their tales, found birds nests, shed snakeskin and even an angry huge old tortoise.

I still remember frog and crayfish fishing near the Grand Lieu lake.

Nature teaches us the differences between edible and non-edible chestnuts, rhubarb leaves and stem (leaves being toxic)


Anyone for some more blackberry jam?

This is the way to learn about the seasons and sync your body with the environment. The advantages are countless: sensory development, well-being, agility, concentration, creativity and good health.

Lots of play outside, garden sheds, bicycles, tricycles, carts

Natural materials, textures, smells, holes, bumps

Water, puddles, a ditch, a bridge

Edible plants, a blossoming playground


A whole universe of sensory experiences to share!