Septembre 2016

We've been selected to participate in the local initiative village at the Climate Chance, a global  summit that will take place in Nantes on the 26-28 of September 2016, Cité des congrès !

Coming soon newsletter, crowdfunding campaign, venue, investment opportunities.

Our team is back on track to move the project forward.

A date for your agenda - October 8th, free broadcast of the film "Tomorrow", L'île de Nantes, sous les nefs. See you there from 5pm onwards!

June 2016, 30 – we visited Ecole Aujourd’hui in Paris and were showed around by Valerie, thank you so much for your warm welcome Valerie!


June 2016, 30 – Weekend Zen with Printemps de l’Education

Rezé – How to create an innovative school workshop


June 2016, 7-12 – we visited the schools Les Amanins, La ferme des enfants

May 2016

We met Martine Lani-Bayle, educational science resercher at the University of Nantes and Boris Cyrulnick, a French doctor, ethologist, neurologist, and psychiatrist.

April 2016


We’ve joined the Colibri movement and got an “Oasis” status.