We are convinced that manual work contributes to the acquisition of knowledge.

Experimentation is the best way of gaining confidence.


It is time to realise that manual and intellectual work go together. A society needs different skills to keep going.


There are some essential skills that make us independent in our every day life: we need to feed ourselves, take care of ourselves, be aware of time and space.

Kitchen                       Garden

                         wood workshop                                              Bike workshop      

                               Architecture            Textile workshop  

                         Game library and recycling centre 


Monthly outings

It is very important for our team to connect  the school with its surrounding area.

The Nantes area offers wonderful opportunities: natural history museum, art museum, Jules Verne climatic wind tunnel (CSTB), the Technocampus OCEAN and IRT Jules Verne research centre..... waste treatment centers but also bakery, hair salon, technical services of cities, crafts performing arts or visual arts ....

There are a lot of associations that strive to pass on their knowledge to the younger generations: BISS, LPO Agir pour la Biodiversité, les petits debrouillards.

Nantes is also home to numerous international organisations, institutions and events and promotes openness to the world